I created below videos to illustrate some select concepts and methods in Microsoft Excel utilizing spreadsheet formula level functions, user defined functions, VBA, Microsoft Query, Power Pivots, DAX, Power BI and using ChatGPT as an assistant in data analysis, coding and data manipulation projects.  

Excel VBA Project with Assistance from ChatGPT

Excel Business Intelligence Dashboard for Sales Tracking 

This video shows three Excel examples with VBA to illustrate how to use ChatGPT in the process which is extremely useful in order to achieve particularly coding aspects of data analysis work.

This video shows a simple pivot table and its data source to illustrate how automatically multiple pivot tables can be updated for dynamically changing data ranges.

Index Function Demo in Excel
In this sample I present how to use Index function where VLOOKUP function may not provide enough power to work for more complex lookup tasks.

Excel Power Query Demo

Excel Macro to Copy File Names

Excel Financial Calculations via VBA